5G Antenna Emission

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5G Antenna Emission

"This isn't entirely correct. Your home microwave operates at 2.4GHz (which is why old wi-fi routers would cut out when running a microwave). The new 5G cellular network runs an order of magnitude higher than your home microwave, about 28-40GHz. Neither one of these frequencies are ionizing radiation frequencies. A typical residential microwave emits about 650W inside while heating food. A typical, "macro" 5G network antenna emits about 40W of power and a, "micro" 5G antenna emits about 20W of power. By the time that "micro" 5G antenna emission reaches your body from the tower or building, it has about 1 microwatt of energy left in it. Less energy than standing underneath a 60W light bulb.
https://www.grandmetric.com/2019/03/26/5g-health-issues-explained/ "

The comment above in quotes is a response (not my comment) to this video:

5G, Graphene Oxide, and Wireless Mind Control Goes Mainstream


Does it sound like the responder is arguing that 5G is not a health hazard?


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