10 Ways To "Dis" Your Electronic Devices:

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10 Ways To "Dis" Your Electronic Devices:

Like many of you I'm starting to think  happiness was not meant to be experienced through so much electronic stuff (I'll still hang on to my favorite music recordings though.) I'm going to "dis" other electronics as much as I can by reducing their power.  Here are ten ways to do that (let me know if you think of any other disses):

  1. Distance: Put electronics in places where they're further away; move further away in-home or in-office; move your home or office; move around electronics at a distance, don't pass right by them.

  2. Disconnect: Unplug everything you can, because your AC wires emit EMF, even if the electronics they power are turned off.

  3. Disable: The best place to turn power off? It's your circuit breaker box, because this turns off A/C wiring in your home's walls, for those rooms you select (e.g. to get better nighttime rest.) Even if no device is powered on, all that wiring in the walls still fills your home with EMF.

  4. Disarm: You can partially disarm EMF from some powered-on devices by using shielding (e.g. cell phone shields.)  But be wary of marketing claims: For example, a cell phone shield may redirect RF waves away, but it does little to stop the powerful EF fields coming  from the processor (nor the screen display, if it's on.)

  5. Disown: Sell the device on eBay, give it away, trade it in, whatever.

  6. Displace: Exchange higher-EMF devices for lower-EMF ones. You can do it on eBay, and you'll probably make a little money because low-EMF devices are usually cheaper.

  7. Distribute: What tasks do you do with electronics, that you can distribute to other people?  Who could do them (family, friends, co-workers, local teens looking for odd jobs, virtual assistants, etc.)

  8. Disuse: Let your electronics fall into this. Or at least decrease your usage.

  9. Dispose: If the device is very high-EMF, don't sell it because it inflicts its harm on other.  Get rid of it!

  10. Discern: This  one has two parts:

  The Fun Part: Discern through the fog of "what other people want you to be." That fog has probably moved you up closer to electronics. There are so many bad influences who don't care about us, and others who do care but don't know what's right for us.  Look inside you, try to feel how to best live each moment, discern your future. Do you want to move closer to nature? To some other people? Who are *you* meant to be, living a lifestyle that reduces your exposure to EMF?

  The Sobering Part: Discern that EMF will keep getting worse; meanwhile all human bodies gradually weaken as they age. EMF is constantly undermining our health, so gradually that sometimes we don't notice.

So the time to take massive action to protect against EMF, is always ASAP. I suggest you jot down a few notes now that will improve your life so you make sure to take that action. Keep that handy so you don't forget, and take action ASAP.

Best wishes for your health!
"Health, Safety & Financial Freedom for All"
David R. Snell, President
FreeKindPosters.org and GoodLifeMission.com
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Re: 10 Ways To "Dis" Your Electronic Devices:

You can always hit it with a rock like I did with my last cell phone ten years ago :)