EMR experiment that I did

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EMR experiment that I did

Hello everyone,

I was curious i experimented watching a YouTube video on my cell phone for about 20 mins

Watching last years Masters golf tournament streaming.Something that I enjoy.

Felt like nerve cells in the brain were being attacked
as I did this in an apartment in Yucatan.

This tells me that despite sunlight exposure it has
not improved my sensitivity to EMR

I also took Gabapentin and 3000 mg of Lysine
both calcium channel blockers

Seems like it's probably better to find a place where
I can be away from this stuff.Whether it's in the tropics or somehere colder.

Anyone have any suggestions?

My social security meeting has been canceled.due to the coronavirus.

I think it will be difficult to function without disability

And living around a 5g civilization will be trouble

A civilization where they will wait for people to

start dying from 5g vs protecting sucesptible


My parents send me a couple hundred a month and  

I barely get bye.I have played around with using

sunlight to help the mitochondria but it doesn't do

enough.If they dont increase the 4g in mexico and I

only use it when needed then maybe.

If anyone may have intuitive or logical feelings where

to go from here much appreciated

Thank you